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Gatefold Outer Sleeves for 12" Gatefolds

Gatefold Outer Sleeves for 12" Gatefolds

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  • PREMIUM THICKNESS: Durable 3 Mil polypropylene ensures strong seams on your vinyl record outer sleeves covers. The slick poly material prevents albums from sticking or clinging to each other, insuring functional album storage.
  • CLEAR VIEWING: Enjoy your album cover artwork (both the outside and inside fold) with protective poly outer records sleeves that offer great clarity!
  • EASY ACCESS TO LP RECORDS: Open slits on each end allow you to easily remove and insert vinyls from their album covers without needing to remove the clear outer sleeve.
  • KEEP IT CLEAN: Keep your favorite vinyl record cleaner with a protective sleeve to reduce dust, dirt and moisture from entering your album jacket. Outer record sleeves help you preserve your album in its complete fidelity!
  • A CUSTOM FIT: Stop trying to squeeze big gatefold albums into single sleeves! Invest in a record sleeve that offers protection for your favorite album jackets, and don't fudge with inferior storage.

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Album protection that is designed to last!

Vinyl Record Album Outer Sleeves for protecting records and LPs

Vinyl Fever outer sleeves allow easy access to your record album via a flap-less opening. Featuring 3 mil polypropylene, these sleeves are designed to last, long-term. We've crafted these gatefold sleeves to offer the best clarity that polypropylene can achieve. Quite frankly--it's top notch quality at a bargain. It's time to clean up your LP collection and preserve them right. Skip the storage struggles and get back to playing more records, more often!

Do it once--and do it right!

Vinyl Fever outer records sleeves for LP protection preservation



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